2016 Annual M...

2016 Annual Meeting

The 2016 Annual Summary Report was held on February 7, 2017 in Xianyuege, Xiamen, China. More than 10 member companies attended the event. Li Guangjin, executive director of Delta Group, informed each member company of the “2016 Annual Work Summary Report” and “2017 Work Plan Arrangement” and discussed it. The Secretary-General of ASMC of Kyoto International Marine Trading Co., Ltd. of XCMG announced the “Financial Report of the 2016 Chamber of Commerce” and “Financial Budget Report of the 2017 Chamber of Commerce”.

The second general election held in September 2017 needs to be prepared in advance. A time will be set for it to be elected by the members of the council, submitted to the secretariat for discussion, and elected through the general assembly. The procedures will be handled in accordance with the procedures stipulated in the charter of the chamber of commerce.

All member companies in the meeting put forward their opinions and opinions one after another to understand the information required for working visas, application requirements and procedures. Hire a local lawyer who can have a normal dialogue with the local government to understand the local culture and laws and regulations. For the 2017 work plan, the member companies are assigned to take charge of the work, assist in the follow-up and implementation of the work items, and the member companies of the chamber of commerce work in cooperation.

The member companies of the Chamber of Commerce greatly appreciated the work accomplished by the Chamber of Commerce in 2016 and achieved remarkable success. The 2016 summary report will come to a successful conclusion. After the meeting, Sept.Xiongpo Venture Capital Co., Ltd. took the lead in dining at the Xianyuege Guest Chamber of Commerce member companies. The atmosphere was very warm.