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Signing Recruitment and Human Resources Department Cooperation MoU Between APTKI & UIB

On April 25, 2017, Vice President Shen Jianping represented the Riau Archipelago Chinese Enterprise Chamber of Commerce and Dr. Ing Sabariman, ST., M.Sc on behalf of Batam International University to sign the signing ceremony of the long-term cooperation memorandum for recruitment and human resources.

According to the memorandum, the two sides will exchange information on human resources, human resources development, to discuss research in related fields, cooperation for the social services. The cooperation between the two parties is mainly aimed at increasing the employment opportunities of students and at the same time assisting in solving the problems of employing employees in enterprises, and jointly discussing the future development and possibilities.

Batam International University has an average of 500 graduates each year. Since 80% of students at Batam University go to work during the daytime, Dr. Ing Sabariman, ST., M.Sc would like to take this opportunity to allow students to work in chambers of commerce member companies. On the one hand, they can accumulate work experience and practical internship skills. It also allows students to prepare for social work after graduation.

Vice President Shen Jianping said that the Chamber of Commerce currently has more than 20 member companies, but according to statistics, about 50 Chinese-funded enterprises have invested in the Riau Islands. Most of the employees hired so far are Chinese employees and hope to reduce the employment of Chinese employees and provide more employment opportunities to the local people in the future.