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CAEXPO Promotion Conference Was Successfully Held In Batam

On May 12, the 14th China-ASEAN Expo Promotion Conference was held in Batam, Riau Islands Province, Indonesia. The Deputy Secretary-General of the China-ASEAN Expo Secretariat Huang Yuan, Consul General Zhang Hongdai in the Consulate General of Medan, the Governor of the Riau Islands, and mayor of Batam attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

Consul General Zhang Hong expressed that China and Indonesia are both large developing countries in Asia, and their geographic location is close to each other. The economic complementarity is strong and the cooperation has great potential. Liao Dao Province is adjacent to Singapore. As the first free trade area, Batam City is an important window for Indonesia’s opening to the outside world. Local business people are welcome to participate in the “East Fair” to fully utilize this platform to display construction achievements, economic plans and important commodities. To further expand its economic and trade cooperation with China. The Consulate General will give full support to the East China Fair Secretariat.

Deputy Secretary-General Huang Yuan gave a detailed introduction to the basic situation of the “East Fair” and the various arrangements of the exhibition. He stated that the “East Fair” is a high-level exhibition directly sponsored by the national level and is a collection of display goods, exchange of information and exploration. A comprehensive cooperation platform integrating resources and creating business opportunities welcomes industry participants to actively participate and share opportunities.

The representative of the Governor of Liao Dao introduced the economic development of Liaodao Province. He thanked the “East Fair” secretariat and the Consulate General in Medan for the promotion in Batam. He hoped that the enterprises in Liaodao Province would actively participate and jointly promote the economic and social development of Liao Island.

The promotion was co-hosted by the China-ASEAN Expo secretariat and the Consulate-General in Medan. The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Riau Islands, the Indonesian Entrepreneurs Association Riau Archipelago, and the Indonesian Riau Islands Chinese-funded Enterprise Chamber of Commerce co-organized the contract. More than 80 people from the business community attended the promotion.