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China Chamber of Commerce Kepri Indonesia Cooperated With UVERSE to Increase Employment Rate

On May 30, 2017, Vice Chairman Shen Jianping represented the Chinese Chamber of Companies in Riau Archipelago and President Dr. Kisdarjono to sign a long-term cooperation memorandum signing ceremony on behalf of Batam World University.

The president of Dr. Kisdarjono stated that Batam World University was established in 2015 and currently has 500 students. There are 11 categories of departments, namely, Management, Accounting, Information Technology, Information Systems, Software Technology, and Industrial Technology. Department, Department of Communication Technology, Department of Environmental Technology, Department of Chinese Language, Department of Dance, and Department of Music. Shen Jianping, vice president of the Chamber of Commerce, said that there are currently more than 20 member companies in the Chamber of Commerce, and that new students or students are welcome to practice in the company. The company will arrange suitable jobs according to the individual professionalism of each student.

Companies need outstanding people to be educated at the university. At the same time, universities must also accumulate experience through the company’s assistance in training or internships to cultivate professionals. This also acquaints the needs between the two sides. Therefore, the Indonesian companies and associations in the Riau Islands in Indonesia The University of Light World hopes that through this cooperation opportunity, it can provide student training for Batam World University and gain more professional experience. After graduating, it can directly go to work in member companies of Chinese companies in Riau Archipelago to increase local employment opportunities and reduce graduation. Unemployment after being unable to work.