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PT. Damai Indopertama Sukses

Damai Indopertama Sukses is privately owned by Mr. Li Guangjin, a Chinese entrepreneur who has invested in Batam Indonesia since 2005. Damai Indopertama Sukses is dealing with scrap-iron for the Chinese market. With the Chinese “One Road and One Belt” and the Indonesian “Maritime Connectivity'” initiatives, Damai Indopertama Sukses is embarking on the “value-added and go-green” Industrial Park project covering an area of 2 million sq. meters, conducting park planning; land leveling; road widening; essential utility installation and infrastructure building – expected to be completed by 2016. Damai Indopertama Sukses Industrial Park, as it will be known, will be ideal for the Chinese Investors focusing on the global markets.

Founding Chairman

PT. Bank ICBC Indonesia

PT. Bank ICBC Indonesia, a subsidiary of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC), was established on 28th September 2007 after ICBC’s acquisition and integration of Bank Halim Indonesia. After five years of development, Bank ICBC Indonesia is now the largest Chinese funded financial institution in Indonesia by market assets. It ranked among the top 50 banks in Indonesia by the “Investor of Indonesia” between 2010 to 2012; it was awarded the Best Performance Bank in 2010 by the Indonesian Banking Association (Perbanas); it was awarded the “Top China’s Brand – bank category” by “Sheng Yi Magazine” in 2012; it won the “Indonesia Enterprise Risk Management” award given by “Business Review Magazine” in 2012; it was awarded 1st for Corporate Social Responsibility by “Perbanas” and “Economic Review Magazine”. Bank ICBC Indonesia will be the economic, financial and cultural bridge between Indonesia and China and strives to be among the leading local banks, providing the best service, performance and contribution.

Honorary Chairman

PT. Bank China Construction Bank Indonesia

Executive Vice Chairman

PT. China Communications Construction Industry Indonesia

China Communications Construction Industry Indonesia (CCCCII) is an overseas subsidiary wholly owned by China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) Third Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. (THEC). THEC is mainly engaged in works such as PHC pipe pile, port and waterway, highway, railway, bridge, shipyard, tunneling, wind power generation from the sea, foundation and special field of concrete precast. THEC has break-through in the field of high level business such as BT and EPC. It has developed into a comprehensive enterprise with the capability of providing investment and construction, design and consultation, logistics and trade, shipping etc., to customers with the best products and services. THEC can satisfy the requirements of different specifications, large component manufacture, production and transportation and satisfy the needs of huge freight in a complex geographical environment. CCCII contribute and seek the win-win economic expansion and progress for both China and Indonesia.

Vice Chairmana�?General Secretary

PT. Cindo International Marine Trading

Cindo International Marine Trading is Southeast Asia marketing service company of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co. Ltd (XCMG). XCMG is China’s top machinery manufacturer, 23 years continuously ranked 1st in the Chinaa�� sales market, the 4th largest construction machinery company in the world. As the Top 10 of worldwide sales in the Group, from year 2005 entered the Indonesiaa��s market, has provided Indonesiaa��s market 1000 sets of machinery such as construction machinery, mining machinery, port machinery, shipbuilding machinery. In the year of 2014, has successfully completed the project of exporting XCMG largest tonnage of crawler crane. Cindo International Marine Trading provides price satisfaction, good quality products and excellence customer services and are most willing to cooperate and develop with friends around the world.

Vice Chairman

PT. TJK Power

TJK Power was established in 2011, Batam, a subsidiary of China Huadian Engineering Co., Ltd., has an installed capacity of 2 x 65 MW, currently having a total generating capacity of 1.954 billion KWh, capable of generating a third of Batam’s electricity needs. TJK Power generates stable and reliable electricity power supply to Batam, constantly maintaining the safety, stability and reliability of the mechanical operations, committed to society and Batam’s economic progress, thus earning the acknowledgement, trust and appreciation of the Indonesia National Power Co. (PLN) and society.

PT. China Communications Construction Tianhang Marine Heavy Industry Indonesia

China Communications Construction Tianhang Marine Heavy Industry (CCCC-TMI) is known as the first specialized dredging organization in China, established in 1897 as Haihe Conservancy Board, a wholly owned subsidiary of China Communications Construction Company Ltd. China Communications Construction Tianhang Marine Heavy Industry has its main business in navigation channel dredging and land reclamation in ports and harbors and concurrently participates in the activities of: environmental dredging for water conservancy; beach nourishment; construction of jetty, breakwater and shore protection; survey, design and consultation for water transportation, water conservancy and environment protection; first-stage land development; international shipping and transit shed storage. Its footprints can be traced to more than 30 coastal ports in China as well as SE Asia, South Asia, Middle East, North Africa, South Africa and more. CCCC-TMI will provide contribution and effort for the Indonesian governmenta��s “Maritime Connectivity'” initiatives.

PT. Ethic Food

Ethic Food is owned by Mr. Su Tian Shou and the company started operation in 2002. After more than 10 years of continuous development, Ethic is now one of the biggest frozen food company in Kepri Province. From a single product of fish ball it has innovated to more than 20 types of seafood products. Ethic Food’s products are marketed to Batam, Pekanbaru, Jakarta and also exported to Singapore and Malaysia. Products are competitive priced, adhere to traditional Chinese food culture and manufactured according to International Health and Food Standard. Distribution and after-sales services are excellent. Growth prospect for Ethic Food in the food industry is bright.

PT. Hongtai Utama Industri

Hongtai Utama Industri main business is the importing of waste plastics PP (Polypropylene) and LDPE (Low-density polyethylene) to be refined and sold. PP renewable particles can be used for injection, drainage channels, bumper and bags. LDPE renewable particles can be used for water pipes, drainage pipes, blown film and daily necessities. Hongtai Utama Industri has an existing production capacity 500-700 tons monthly for PP and LDPE plastic particles. It has four sets of the most advanced automation equipment, two sets of crushing and washing-line equipment and has 100 employees. Products are marketed overseas mainly to China.

PT. Beiyao Indonesia

Beiyao Indonesia was established in 2015, which exploit, purchase and process Daemonorops Draco BI and high-quality raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine in Indonesia, and exports to China and Southeast Asia region; The raw materials which are exported to China, are then processed again through the Chinaa��s advanced technology of processing traditional Chinese medicine to become high-quality Chinese herbal medicine, and to be distribute to China and Southeast Asia market. At the same time, Beiyao Indonesia in corporation with Commerce Bureau of Chang Chun City, has developed an overseas marketing platform for Indonesia and Chang Chun City. A major exhibition hall was build to provide foreign enterprises of Chang Chun City its product display platform, including specialty agricultural products in Northeast China, to be displayed and sold in Indonesia.

PT. Zhongyi Construction Group

PT. ZhongYi Construction Group was established at Batam, engaged in the field of Construction Services with Classification Grade 7 (Seven), and obtained certification of ISO 900:2008; ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007.

PT. ZhongYi Construction Group is a group of Zhejiang Zhongyi Construction Group Co., Ltd., the former Huzhou Housing Construction Engineering Company, was founded in 1954 and was restructured into Zhejiang Zhongyi Building Engineering Co., Ltd. in 2000. In 2009, based on Zhejiang Zhongyi Building Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Zhongyi Building Group was built with the name of Zhejiang Zhongyi Construction Group Co., Ltd.

The company has a registered capital of RMB 155.88 million. The company has five subsidiaries: Zhongyi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. of Zhejiang Zhongyi Construction Group, Huzhou Zhongyi Property Management Co., Ltd., Huzhou New Material Technology Co., Ltd. of Zhejiang Zhongyi Construction Group, Huzhou Zhongcheng Building Detection Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Huzhou Huashun Investment Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Zhongyi Construction Group Co. Ltd is class-one aptitude enterprise of housing project construction general contracting and also has class-two aptitude of municipal public project construction general contracting, class-one aptitude of professional building decoration project contracting, class-two aptitude of professional steel structure project contracting, class-two aptitude of professional ground base and foundation engineering contracting, class-three aptitude of professional dismantling project contracting, class-three aptitude of professional hoisting equipment installation project contracting, etc.

PT. Wahana Indah Karya

Wahana Indah Karya was established in November 2009, located in Tanjung Balai Karimun, Kepulauan Riau. Wahana Indah Karya is a subsidiary under Fujian Septwolves Group, invested by Xiamen Weiyi Industry Co., Ltd. with initial investment of 100 million RMB. The investment plan will approximately be 1 billion RMB, which now has 7 tin mining areas with area of 257 kilometre square and a tin exploration reserves of more than 40 thousand tons which currently has exploration ships a�?HuiYana�? and mining ship a�?YongLi 8a�?.

Fujian Septwolves Group has a high popularity and reputation in China and has good interaction with the community. The China National Petroleum Corporation and Ministry Department of Land and Exploration – Institute of Technology provides the most advanced tin exploration and mining technology. Wahana Indah Karya has rich social resources and good relationship with publics in Indonesia, which helps building solid foundation for companya��s development.

Committee Member

PT. TPCO Pan Asia

TPCO Pan Asia was established in 2007, a joint venture between Tianjin Pipe Co., Ltd. and Singapore TIPL Company. The Batam factory covers an area of 167,000 sq. m. with designed capacity of 60,000 tons. Tianjin Pipe Co., Ltd. is the largest oil casing production base, with an annual billet production of 600,000 tons and 500,000 tons of seamless steel tubes, of which 350,000 tons are of oil casing. The main products are high pressure boiler tubes, high pressure gas cylinder pipes, hydraulic support pipes, line pipes and other special pipes. It is among the world’s largest business in seamless steel pipe and rewrites China’s dependence on imported oil casing and becomes the main force in international competition in the industry.

PT. Sunda Optima Pipe

Sunda Optima Pipe was established in 2014, its mainly manufactures oil drill pipes, tool joints, drill collars, a full range of non-magnetic collars, integral heavy weight drill pipes, drill stem subs, improved short section tubing and related couplings, insulation tubes (patented), set pipes and related couplings, high grade antibody ruin sleeves.

PT. Jian Fa Trading

Jian Fa Trading is a joint venture between Chinese and Indonesian entrepreneurs which was established in 2014. Its main businesses are fishing equipment, shipping electrical equipment and accessories, building materials, imports and exports. Imports include high quality China made products for the Indonesian market. Jian Fa Trading has registered two trademarks to establish the company’s brand representation for the Indonesian market.

PT. Selat Bulan Investama

In January 2015, PT. Damai Indopertama Sukses has acquired PT. Selat Bulan Investama, the enterprise then begins the development path in a a�?leapinga�� way. Currently, the company has 100 hectares of land and 3 kilometer of coastline in Tanjung Piayu for first phase of construction. According to the progress base on project planning for the land, the company will begin the second and third phase of site construction when a good opportunity and time has come. The company will follow the development concept of a�?Good for Land Condition, Go a��Green Environmenta�?, unified planning, unified construction, unified pollution control, unified management. The site construction includes high standard construction of Industrial production factories, offices, living facilities, sewage treatment facilities, water, gas, and electricity infrastructures. The completion of the project will comprehensively promote the industrial service standard, provides new development platform and supports for enterprises in the industrial park.

PT. Min Xinghe Indonesia

Min Xinghe Indonesia is an R&D and trading company established in 2015, Batam. It is committed to technological innovation and product development. It is the first company in Indonesia which designs and develops carbonized coconut shell material using production-line automation in its business. The production-line is eco-friendly, high productivity and producing high quality products. Min Xinghe Indonesia has an annual output capacity of 6,000 tons of carbonized coconut shell material, with a long term capacity target of more than 10,000 tons. Products are well received and exported globally mainly to China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Europe.

PT. Dinamika Logamu Mulia

Dinamika Logamu Mulia is a company founded in Batam in March 1997, and engaged in buying and selling ferrous and non ferrous scrap. We have professionals that are rich in technical experience in managing and handling the scrap and management skill. Dinamika Logamu Mulia is a joint venture between Singaporean enterprise with local Indonesian enterprise. Over the 18 years, our business partners are not limited to only local firms, but also business partners from all over the world such as Singapore, Malaysia, China, Korea, Japan and India.

PT. Ably Metal Indonesia

PT. Ably Metal Indonesia established in 17 November 2003, our main activities include recycling of scrapped vessels or barges dismantling and demolition. Our main customers are from Oil and Gas Shipyard.

PT. Mitra Raya Sektarindo

Since 1999, our Company started to develop projects in Batam,A�A�named Mitra Raya, Located in Batam Centre, Central Sukajadi, Nagoya newtown, Baloi, Batu Aji dan Tanjung Uncang. The progress of Mitra Raya 1 has been done in developmental stage, and now our company focus to development towards commercial development area. In 2016 our company develops a project named Mitra Raya 2, which builds Ruko, Apartement, Plaza and Market in Mitra Raya 2, located in Batam centre, Batam.